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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Colorado, Before The Fall

Colorado, Before The Fall I
Three pictures of the same scene created on the same day from the same spot. None of the three are intended to stand alone.

Colorado, Before The Fall II

Instead, each picture is intentionally part of the series necessary to produce the final painting, with shapes, tones, colours, all conveyed by a shorthand notation.

Colorado, Before The Fall IIIIt's the rendering of the spruce and aspen that is the main challenge of this yet-to-be-painted painting.

A week ago I was at a show where I saw a stunning depiction of an aspen. It was in watercolours, which made it all the more impressive. And it was a close up, compared to my distant trees. Nevertheles it had the vitality I'm hoping to put into this painting, as it captured the living mosaic that is foliage.

And when will this painting be painted? you ask. Oh, how shall I put this? There's a queue   It will happen - I just need to launch half a dozen websites first.

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