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Monday, March 20, 2006

Perfect Grey Day

Ah yes, in cahoots with nature.

From last week there has been much talk and forecast of snow for today. From one to three plus one to three again, to six and eleven inches. For some arbitrary reason - and I don't care what position the moon is in (it's irrelevant) some people who blindly follow rules consider today or tomorrow, or even the next day, as the first of spring. No more idiotic a notion than St Brigid's Day, and what does it matter? Does nature follow the rules that you stick on your calendar?

The trees have been budding since our unseasonably warm January, though the recent unseasonably early tornadic storms knocked many of these premature buds to the ground. And from early this morning it was clear that the snow would not make an appearance today. Instead today was the most magnificently gorgeous windy rainy day. So I went for a walk.

I've never seen a Japanese woodblock print render rain like this, not even by the masters of Ukiyo-E. In midtown, a couple of blocks from one of the taller masts in the world (of course), lumps of ice rained over and down from heights hidden in the clouds. I shielded my son as we darted across two streets with ice chunks shattering around us on cars and the street, and it ocurred to me that this is exactly what those unfamiliar with ice storms think they are. Build more masts and it will be.

Hours before a perfect end to a perfect day, I shared tea with Quinn, and potato cakes I'd made earlier, whilst behind my back -Don't turn around Daddy!   - my son created the best card he ever has for me. In fact I like it so much I'm not showing it to you.

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