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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

You Can Save Time And Read This

So you came around and visited a couple of times and I hadn't posted. Well last week I posted more than a couple of times and you didn't come each time then. This requires effort from both of us.

I know, you're branching out, reading other things, discovering there's a whole world of blogs that you could be reading instead. You're even commenting now, and wondering if you should do some sort of small blog yourself, just for the family - but you you don't really want a bunch of strangers looking at it.

Maybe the kids would find it fun. You like the interactivity, but the time, the time, it all takes time, and how can you even read these things that mean little to your life when you have to pick the kids up, and empty the dishwasher?

Well I've already told you. I'm trying to help. Trust me. If you used Bloglines (or something similar but let's not confuse things) you wouldn't have to call around and get disappointed that I'm not in, so to speak. And I wouldn't wonder if you'd be coming. Yes I know you like to call around to see people, and I love having you - but that doesn't have to stop - you can still come around, we can chat.

All that bloglines does is like the equivalent of a red light on your phone beside my number so you know I've updated with the option to read it right there or you can still come on over to my website and look at my lovely fonts and formatting and maybe re-visit some favourite memories. Chances are though you're just interested in today, or yesterday, and what's going on right now - you're not actually that interested in what I wrote ages ago about why I don't look in your eyes very often.

You don't give up anything. You only gain. You don't create more work. You save time. You don't waste time. You get more done. You get more read. You live happily ever after. You deserve happiness.

To sign up for Bloglines takes as long as it takes you to answer your front door. If I was in your neighbourhood I'd knock on your door, so think of signing up for Bloglines as answering the door to me. To let me in all you have to so is give them your email address and a password. That's it. You do have the time - you'll make up those seconds tomorrow.

Oh it doesn't take you much time to directly go to my blog and check it you say? No, but what if your cousins, and your sisters started blogging tomorrow, about work, about you? Could you handle checking an extra few blogs directly? Aren't you already finding yourself skipping the odd blog check because you're reading a couple more?

To add me into your bloglines just copy my address from up there in the browser, click ADD from MyFeeds in BlogLines, paste in the URL, subscribe, and you're set. Do that with all the blogs you're interested in. Organize them into folders like your email if you like. And then when they're updated you see them bolded - with a count of posts made since you last looked at them.

And then in the morning you won't go to five or six different websites including mine, you'll just go to BlogLines, read there, be on the verge of reading when your mother rings but know from an instant glance that I have updated so note that you'll come back to see me when you put a load in the dryer.

I know you don't want to be overly computery, but you're already using a computer, and reading blogs, and bookmarking things. This is just an interactive bookmark, and you can even check it when you go to your in-laws - if you had the time. Think of it as you refusing to store phone numbers in your phone but you write them in a roladex anyway and dial them. It's a small step. You'll thank me, and you might even get yourself a free painting for your trouble.

It's just that, I'd hate to lose you.

I love Bloglines. It helps me read more blogs than I ought.
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