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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It's almost time. Call me

Things are rather hectic on the web front, but there's nothing like a deadline to move things along, so, the Free Paintings thing will happen in June.

Meanwhile, if you need to call me at all, well give it a go and see what happens. Things are changing, though should you not be nice I will likely hang up.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend - ours was truly fabulous (until the phone rang). I'll talk to ya.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Closer to Free

So what happened to free paintings? They're coming. Honest. What I'm doing is organizing a major sale of my paintings with in the region of 80% off, to coincide with (or immediately follow) the free thing, while not diluting the free thing in any way.

So I have to come up with the list of x paintings that are free, and y paintings that are on sale (which just might be everything else), and devise how to pick who gets the free paintings in a transparent way.

The primary focus will be on the free thing because I thought of that first, but I would like to be able to pay the rent next month. The free ones I will pay the shipping for, and they will go to anywhere in the world (please don't live in New Zealand :) ) Whatever the heck happens I should get to learn a lot.

Oh, and you'll get to hear about it before anybody else, because, as you know, you are special.

Monday, May 22, 2006

A Web Conversation

Seems like I keep falling asleep mid-post, and my control panel is a graveyard of half-drafted entries. I must do better. Still, that said it was nice of you to drop by today - made this whole web conversation thing seem more like a conversation.

I need to do a big photo session so I can share with you some current projects. Things are always happening you know - even if we don't talk like we used to.

Soon enough it will really be the summer and I'll be up to my neck in paintings I'm trying to give away, so I guess things are changing for both of us. Still, don't lose touch - dare I be a pain and say it again, but feeds you know. Feeds. You'd be able to do more, and even more, without taking more time. And all while the kids are eating their breakfast.

Oh well, I better head, I have work for five clients to be done today, and somewhere in there I'd like to paint. You see I have this great idea to do with strings.

Catch ya tomorrow?

Friday, May 19, 2006

Tiles of London' Underground

Talking of squares, it should be obvious I like tiles. Too much.

I can look at mosaics all day, which come to think of it isn't very long, so I can actually look at them for longer. But I can also look at just tiles for hours. Plain tiles. Little one square inch green tiles covering a bathroom, or larger black ones surrounding a bath, or glazed white ones on a porch pillar, etc.

My business project in college, for Finance & Accounting no less, was for tables topped with tiles that would be homemade and fired. That was a long time ago and I never actually made such a table though they appear to be ten a penny nowadays.

Once upon a time I spent many nights with a razor blade unveiling a tiled fireplace that had been horribly painted over for years.

While the London Underground doesn't compete with Moscow's for beauty, I've always liked the Tube. Because of its tiles. But somebody else like it more. Much more. The last few days I've enjoyed the London Underground's Edwardian Tile Patterns on You might too. Makes me want to go to London.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Wrapped Paintings

Once I wrapped paintings up for transport from Britain to Ireland. The wrapping I used was industrial cling film, and it was coloured blue.

I liked it so much I didn't unwrap the paintings for years - until I had to sell one. All through those years I decided that one day I would paint pictures with the intention of then heavily wrapping them in a coloured cling-film (saran wrap). As in, to be sold and hung that way.

Well I am now. Kind of. I'm just starting small. And I'm using envelopes, glasine envlopes. I like it a lot. It also lets me play around with iteration which I like.I'll show you, one of these days when I don't fall asleep mid-post.

Have a nice enough day. We'll talk later.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mothers Day USA

Since you are a mother I hope your day is what you deserve all the days of the rest of the year. And I do hope it is your day.

I did a card for you in my head. Again.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Next year the blossoms

I really wanted to share how the trees are with you but when the weather finally co-operated the blossoms were all gone. Just a mass of leaf-green now.

Earlier I was going to show you the explosion of white above the skirt of green, but not being able to share I've decided to wait until next year before I share all the photographs on it.

I do hope that it doesn't end up being like somebody's collection of dimes. Monet managed it with his haystacks.

Anyway on with the season, unseasonably cool as it is.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Cow I Didn't Paint

In 2001 Kansas City was one of the earlier cities to host Cow Parade, and I was selected to paint a cow. Back then, even though they started in Switzerland, it never occurred to me that the project would also end up in London and in Dublin. So I went for Celtic Kitsch and produced The Cow of Kells

But I had actually submitted two designs in my application, and the other one was my favoured one, even though it was rejected. This is that application, albeit without the pictures:

Continental Cowscape

From 35'000 feet there's a majesty about a landscape where mankind has imposed its organization. Perfect squares of North America, the patchwork quilt of European fields, either way - dot the pattern with cows and the purity of the geometry is transformed into a living planet.

I left my homeland in Europe in 1999, flying over those continental cowscapes to arrive in Cowtown in the center of that lansdscape. The depiction of squares on a cow reminds me that I, and perhaps all of us, live on the planet Cow.

Continental Cowscape is dedicated to a little boy.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Here's 224 Pixels; Get Yourself Something Nice

There is a recent trend of making web pages wider to suit people with screen resolutions of 1024 x 768 and up, rather than for 800 x 600 and up which was the usability norm for quite some time.

Being a trend-follower rather than a setter, I've been working on designs to take account of this. I'm sorry if you're bored but this is exciting, as the extra 224 pixels creates no end of possibilities, and decisions, and causes less hassle from clients who want you to put something in the blank space they see on their screen regardless of however many thousand of their customers you may be alienating.

Shorter version of this post: I've been kinda busy of late. But I haven't stopped thinking of you.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Trees are Green

I missed my trees for a few days. Well, it was raining. I might like the rain but nobody will go with me. The Trees I drew, back when they looked like this.

Yesterday it was normal sunny, blue sky, gentle breeze, yeah, yeah, but when I got to see my clump of trees, well, they've blossomed. I've been photographing them every time, and there has been little change, and yesterday I forget my camera only to be confronted by the rainforest.

First thing in the morning, says I to myself. And now it's raining again. This will seem like paradise in two and three and four months time. You have a good day now, ya hear.

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