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Monday, May 22, 2006

A Web Conversation

Seems like I keep falling asleep mid-post, and my control panel is a graveyard of half-drafted entries. I must do better. Still, that said it was nice of you to drop by today - made this whole web conversation thing seem more like a conversation.

I need to do a big photo session so I can share with you some current projects. Things are always happening you know - even if we don't talk like we used to.

Soon enough it will really be the summer and I'll be up to my neck in paintings I'm trying to give away, so I guess things are changing for both of us. Still, don't lose touch - dare I be a pain and say it again, but feeds you know. Feeds. You'd be able to do more, and even more, without taking more time. And all while the kids are eating their breakfast.

Oh well, I better head, I have work for five clients to be done today, and somewhere in there I'd like to paint. You see I have this great idea to do with strings.

Catch ya tomorrow?

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