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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Featured in Arts Magazine Status Hat

The October issue of Status Hat is themed on LANDSCAPES and I am one of 6 visual artists featured in a special showcase "Perspectives of Landscapes".

The link on my name at the top of the article is faulty so you'll need to scroll down where near the bottom you can see a slideshow of 5 of my paintings together with some words about why I paint.

Status Hat itself is an excellent magazine well worth a read, whether you visit its site monthly or subscribe to it by email.

People's Art - Dublin, September 2010

On Sep 24-26, 2010 I participated in the People's Art Exhibition on Stephen's Green in Dublin.

Once again I used my bicycle to transport all my paintings to the Green, and enjoyed the company of the artists either side of me.

Here's a couple of photos - though the event looked loveliest on the Sunday, the sunniest and warmest of the 3 days of the show, when my camera batteries failed.

The number of paintings I displayed was 16, of which 7 were brand new never having been displayed anywhere before - indeed a few of them were only finished on the Friday morning after several all-night sessions.

Also on display was a painting I did 19 years ago which rejoined the stable over the weekend as its owners are trading up to a new painting.

Much as I enjoyed the event - as I did the only other time I did the People's Art, in June - I haven't decided if I'll do any of the events in 2011 (there's 3 each summer - Jun, Aug & Sep) but let me know if you'd like me to alert you should I decide to.

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