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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Masterpiece and Mostaccioli

When the weather agrees, my 9-year-old son rides on the back of my elongated bicycle, and we get to talk to rabbits and geese as if they were part of the family. If we're lucky we see a raccoon scurry away. For Quinn to sit stationary out in the elements for our 6-mile trip home, last night was way too cold. But there's not much wrong with short sunset and moonlit walks either. At an Italian cafe, we ate under the Mona Lisa.

-Is that the real picture?
-It's a print, a picture of the real one.
-It's a picture of a picture?
-Yes. The real one is hanging in France, in Paris.
-I don't see what's so good about it. Everybody is always going on about it.
-I don't know why they do either, but the man who painted it was pretty famous and he only painted 81 or 83 pictures so...
-That's not many; you've painted more than that.
-I have, but he was busy doing other things, some very important. Do you remember that film we saw?
-He was a scientist.
-Yes he was.
-And you are busy doing other things too.
-Well I am quite busy, yes.
-I still don't see what's so special; you could paint a picture and just hang it in a gallery like that.
-I see they painted in black and white in those days too.

In the Louvre, I far prefer 'The Raft of the Medusa'. Now that is a painting.
I'm guessing you're not talking the version by Asger Jorn? - which I prefer to your GĂ©ricault
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